Hyphonix collaborate with a bunch of small twitch livestreamer. His Friend Black recived an awsome 69,69$ Donation today, highlight caught live. What happen next-you will see here. Funny, Epic, livestream fails. More Hyphonix livestream fail, will coming soon. For more Videos, subscribe the channel now. https://goo.gl/S6GvQK

Playlist: superior livestream fails caught live


Twitch livestreamers:

Hyphonix 00:00 - 00:32
Greekgodx 00:33 - 00:49
Ice Poseidon 00:50 - 01:30
Black 01:31 - 01:47
Cowsep 02:21 - 02:49
Sharishaxd 03:21 - 03:38

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